The topic of my PhD dissertation was communication in consumer co-creation. I have since continued exploring this area in my research.

At a very basic level, consumer co-creation means that two or more actors create something of value together. For example, this could be a company developing a new product or service together with its customers.

In my research I am particularly interested in how the non-participating consumers, that do not themselves participate in the co-creation, react to a company that advertises co-created products and services. This is an important field since the majority of a company’s customers will never be involved in the actual co-creation.

This field of research is not limited to new product and service development. Indeed, I have also explored co-creation in as varied contexts as the healthcare sector, journalism, retailing and advertising.


Books och book chapters

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Conference Papers

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I also serve as an ad hoc reviewer for Journal of AdvertisingEuropean Journal of Marketing, Journal of Product and Brand Management, and Creativity and Innovation Management, and I have also reviewed conference papers for the Academy of Marketing Science and EMAC (European Marketing Academy Conference).