Consulting & Speaking

I base all my work on a practical application of academic research findings and methods. This way I can help my clients become early adopters of the latest ideas and findings in consumer co-creation. This is particularly useful in the areas of consumer marketing and new product development. Occasionally I also conduct research together with clients. This means the company benefits from a using rigorous scientific methods to find new relevant and useful knowledge, and I have the opportunity to conduct research that really matters to businesses.  


I help my clients get actual co-creation going. This usually means I: 

  1. Help you decide whether consumer co-creation makes sense strategically for your company right now, and if it does, I help you decide who to co-create with.

  2. Strategically align the consumer co-creation with the company’s other activities, plans and goals.

  3. Run actual co-creation. I usually like to start small and think entrepreneurially about this. Once we know how it works for your company and your consumers we can scale it up.

  4. Communicate the co-creation. I advise and help plan marketing your co-creation, as well as the co-created product or service.

  5. Evaluate the co-creation (and use this to update the strategy as we continue to develop your co-creation).

Additionally I also:  

  • Strengthen business development teams, particularly through strategy development and innovation processes. This often includes running:

    • design sprints,

    • strategy workshops,

    • focus groups.

  • Conduct market analysis.

  • Manage company monitoring and help companies make use of the insights strategically.

In practice, this often means I work with the business development team, preferably over a longer period of time to ensure real strategic development and implementation.

Clients include AMF Fastigheter, ColArt International, Griffin Gallery, Skandia, Microsoft and the PR agency 6 Year Plan


From large practitioner conferences to small company events, I give talks on co-creation in relation to a number of related aspects such as customer loyalty and innovation.

Mostly I give what I call a ‘crash course’ in co-creation to get everyone up to speed on what co-creation is, what it can be used for, how to do it, and what you should bear in mind. I mix theory and examples of what I and other firms have done in co-creation to give the audience a fuller picture of co-creation.

These talks can range from as little as 20 minutes to a few hours. 

Clients include Customer Loyalty Conference (arranged by Wednesday Relations), Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting, MTC Stiftelsen, Sveriges Marknadsförbund, and Abby Norm


Before I returned to academia, I spent eight years working in marketing and advertising. Among other things, I was an account manager in digital advertising at e.g. Altogether Digital (now WCRS) and AKQA, and I served clients such as Nike Basketball, Littlewoods, NetJets and Nokia Siemens Networks. I was also the first marketing manager at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, and I ran the I2P Global competition (facilitating the commercialisation of academic research) for two years at the Royal Institute of Technology.